Living In A Movie: Unique projects inspired by the silver screen

Designing unique homes, cinemas and garages inspired by Hollywood blockbusters and attracting film productions to Portugal make up the core business at Spy Manor Productions.

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The premise was simple: raise the DBS in Cascais and test drive it, taking it to the Algarve, more specifically to Portimão, where Spy Manor is located, a house worthy of 007. Vanda Everke is the hostess and founder of Spy Manor Productions, a company that intends to attract film productions to the Algarve.

Jumping for Joy! Celebrating the end of drop zone lockdown in the Algarve in style. To mark this occasion, Spy Manor Productions organised a memorable skydive with the international Parachute Display Artist Mike Rumble. The Spy Manor branded parachute has been made to compliment the production agents extensive corporate hospitality offerings. We will use it together with product launches and extraordinary occasions for anyone who would like to make an insanely grand entrance!